20 Year Comprehensive Plan

Elements of a Comprehensive Plan:

A comprehensive plan is a policy document with specific components required by law.  D’Iberville has the authority to prepare a comprehensive plan and implement planning through the enabling legislation, codified beginning at 17-1-1 Mississippi Code Annotated, 1972.

The specific legal contents of a comprehensive plan are set out in 17-1-1 of the Mississippi Code.  Through the eyes of the law, four components are required of a document to constitute a comprehensive plan including:  Goals and Objectives, a Land Use Plan, a Transportation Plan and a Community Facilities Plan.  This plan contains each of these four elements along with some additional components which are useful in determining how best to accommodate future growth.


View our 20 year comprehensive planning maps by clicking the following links.

Existing Land Use MapMAPCourt

Award Pending Appeal 072611

Map 7.2 Transportation Smartzone 05242010

Map 7.1 Transportation Plan 05252010