Building Permit


The City of D’Iberville enforces the 2006 International Code Conference’s Suite of Codes: Building Code  • Residential Code  • Property Maintenance Code  •  Energy Conservation Code  • Plumbing Code •Fuel Gas Code  • Mechanical Code  •  Fire Prevention Code

These provide prescriptive means and methods for wind resistance construction to speeds of up to 140 miles per hour, for a three second gust.  Compliance is mandatory and only Contractors licensed in accordance with State and local statutes shall be allowed to make application for and receive permits.



  • A recorded Deed, or other legal proof of ownership of the property.
  • Property Tax Receipt, to identify the parcel number assigned to the property.
  • Water & Sewer payment receipt, to establish that all required fees and deposits have been paid.
  • Completed BUILDING PERMIT APPLICATION with the owner’s phone number etc.
  • 2 Complete Sets of Plans that include:
    • Site Plan – Include ALL setback delineations and drainage details; you cannot discharge your surface water onto adjacent properties (3 site plan sets are required for Commercial Projects).
    •  Foundation Plan with sufficient details and the Architect’s or Engineer’s calculations and reactions, where applicable.
    •  Floor Plan – Include ALL rooms, entries, and means of ingress/egress and with all storage areas clearly marked.
    •  Electrical Plan, Plumbing Plan, & Mechanical Plan (Air conditioning & Heating) of sufficient detail to demonstrate Code compliance.
    •  Exterior Elevations – Include all 4 exposures of the structure.
    •  Details of any accessory structure(s), swimming pool, out building(s) & fencing proposed as part of the permit.
    • Statement from the architect and/or designer that the construction plans meet the minimum requirements of the 2006 International Code Council applicable Codes.
    •  In addition:
      • -If using existing pilings or piers, a MS Licensed Architect or Engineer must certify their structural integrity.
      • -There is a minimum finished floor Design Flood Elevation (DFE) of 25ft above mean sea level (MSL) within the Longwood Subdivision. Compliance is mandatory.
      • -All required documents must be submitted at the time of the application.
      • -Drainage:
        • In order for the drainage system to operate efficiently all ditches, streams, and channels must be kept clean as possible.  Debris, leaves and grass clippings obstruct the flow of water and cause overflow onto the streets and yards.  It is illegal to take any action that will impede the flow of water in ditches and waterways.  Before making any changes to the existing drainage of your property please discuss your plans with Public Works 228.392.9734
    • If your property is located within a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) you are required to submit three Certificates of Elevation (CE); one at the time of your permit application, the second within 21 days of establishment of  the occupied finished floor and the third once all construction has been completed and prior to receiving a certificate of occupancy.


  • Scheduled inspections will be done in an orderly process; please allow up to 24 hours notice whenever possible.
  • Please refer to the Required Inspections / Inspection Procedures & Protocol handouts for the minimum list of inspections.
  • A copy of the reviewed construction plans must be retained on the job site.
  • Protection & accessibility of the Permit Inspection Card & plans are required for Inspector review and signature.
  • The Building Permit Card must be visible from the street.
  • Any changes during the construction process must be submitted for plan review.
  • Sufficient toilet facilities must be provided for construction workers and shall be maintained in a sanitary condition. A construction dumpster must be provided for all construction generated debris. The City garbage collection agent will not dispose of construction debris.

You may download a  BUILDING PERMIT APPLICATION form, or please visit our offices at 10383 Automall Parkway, D’Iberville, MS.  To inquire on the status of a Building Permit application or you have a specific building code related question; please submit your request to

To seek Flood Hazard Safety information or to determine your Flood Risk, please submit your request to You can also visit our GIS/Geoportal Maps web site, as well as download our Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance.


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