Development Permit




No person shall construct any improvements, including any site work involving clearing, grading, filling, dredging, excavating or alike, nor alter the use of any land or structure, until the Building Official issues a Development Permit for improvements, site work, or construction.  No Development Permit is required for normal maintenance and repairs.

  1. Types of Uses
    1. Permitted Use.  A Development Permit for a Permitted Use may be issued by the Building Official.
    2. Conditional Use, Site Plan Review, Variance.  A Development Permit for a use requiring a Conditional Use or Variance shall be issued by the Building Official only upon the order of the appropriate body having final review.
  2. Application
    1. All applications for a Development Permit shall be in writing on a form provided by the Building Official and shall be submitted to the Building Official.
    2. All applications for a Development Permit shall include a plot plan drawn to scale showing the location and dimensions of the lot area and of the proposed uses of buildings and/or land.  The Building Official may require any additional information which is deemed necessary to properly evaluate the application for the purposes of determining its conformity with this Ordinance.
    3. Prior to the issuance of any Development Permit, the Building Official shall review the application for such permit to determine if all other necessary governmental permits have been obtained.  No permit shall be issued until this determination has been made.
    4. The Building Official may submit a copy of any plan and application to any appropriate agencies and/or individuals (e.g., Planning Commission, City Engineer, etc.) for review and comment.
  3. Issuance
    1. The Building Official shall issue or refuse an application for a Development Permit within fifteen (15) days after the date such application was made, except as specifically provided for in this Ordinance.
    2. A Development Permit shall be issued in at least triplicate.
    3. One (1) copy shall be kept conspicuously on the premises.
    4. No person shall perform building operations of any kind unless a Development Permit is being displayed as required by this Ordinance.
    5. After the issuance of a Development Permit by the Building Official, no changes of any kind shall be made to the application, permit, plans, specifications, or other documents submitted with the application without the written consent or approval of the Building Official.


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