Downtown Revitalization

Downtown and Waterfront Revitalization

Post Katrina – Economic Development June 2010

A primary component of the economic development strategy plan is to create a new town center in concert with the reconstruction of Central Avenue to serve as a gateway to the historic downtown, waterfront and residential areas of old D’Iberville.  A proposed French Market Square is strategically located with frontage on Central Avenue and Rodriguez Street enabling the development of a town green, visitor’s center, mixed use retail, conference and meeting facilities, entertainment, food & beverage and other services complimentary to adjacent small businesses and a waterfront casino zone.

Central Avenue Revitalization Project


The Central Avenue Revitalization project was funded in part by the Mississippi Development Authority through the HUD Community Development Block Grant.  The 4.2 Million Dollar improvement project included:

  • Widening of Central Avenue Roadway to include a Center turning lane
  • Underground utility relocation
  • Improved water and sewer infrastructure
  • 5′ sidewalks on the East and West sides of Central Avenue
  • 5′ Greenspace with new decorative street lights
  • Park benches and trash recepticles


  • To improve overall aesthetics of the old town-downtown business district of D’Iberville
  • To create a look and atmosphere that supports the French Market concept detailed in the City’s Master Plan and post Katrina revitalization plans.

Historic Town Green and Visitor’s Center

The D’Iberville Historic Town Green and Visitor’s Center was funded in part by the Mississippi Development Authority through the HUD Community Development Block Grant.  The building consists of 2,500 sq ft of interior space with a 2,500 sq ft wrap-around covered porch.  The building will serve as a small visitor’s center and museum for the citizens and guests of our City.  The facility also serves as a rental facility for special events and city functions.








D’Iberville Downtown Facade Grant Program

The D’Iberville Downtown Façade Master Plan Grant Program was developed to encourage existing and future downtown property owners and long-term tenants to upgrade the facades of building’s facing public streets by making grants to property owners. The objective of this program is to improve the overall appearance of the D’Iberville Downtown Main Street District in an effort to make it more appealing to consumers and potential investors. Nationwide, other cities have used this grant program with proven success that has resulted in significantly increased business revenues, increased property values and renewed civic pride.


The City of D’Iberville has received $500,000 from the Mississippi Development Authority (MDA) to improve the façades of buildings in the Downtown District of D’Iberville.

The funding is in the form of a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) that must be administered in strict accord with the rules and regulations of the CDBG Program, which is managed by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  CDBG administration includes the procurement, bid solicitation process, contract award and actual construction of the general construction contract.

 The improvement of the façades of buildings in the Downtown District will be constructed in strict compliance with the current building and related codes of the City of D’Iberville and utilization of the proposed City of D’Iberville Smart Code design. The intent of the Downtown Façade Grant Program is to improve as many of the downtown business façades as the grant money allows which is anticipated to be approximately between 10 and 20 structures.