Golf Carts or Low Speed Vehicles

Permit Requirements

Pursuant to the City of D’Iberville’s Code of Ordinances, Ordinance No. 177 requires all golf carts and low-speed vehicles to be operated on a public roadway shall be required to register the vehicle on an annual basis with the City of D’Iberville’s Police Department. Upon issuance, the permit/decal is valid for one calendar year, which is January 1st through December 31st annually. All renewals will expire at midnight, December 31st of each year, regardless of the date the previous permit/decal was issued. The permit/decal is non-transferrable; upon sale or transfer of ownership of a golf cart or low-speed vehicle, the new owner must complete an application and inspection before public road use.

Before the inspection, the applicant will pay the $100.00 registration fee upon submitting the application to the D’Iberville Police Department, along with a valid driver’s license and proof of liability insurance. The applicant will receive a copy of the city’s Ordinance No. 177. After the application review, an officer will contact the applicant to schedule an onsite inspection of the golf cart or low-speed vehicle. Upon a successful inspection, the applicant will receive an official decal to be visibly displayed on the left rear fender of the vehicle. The applicant may obtain a copy of the inspection form from the D’Iberville Police Department, and the original will be maintained on file with this agency.

Upon successful inspection and issuance of the decal, the golf cart may only be operated on the approved designated public roadways within the City of D’Iberville. All required equipment must be in working order, operated by a licensed driver, and have proof of insurance upon request. Issuance of permit/decal does not authorize the operator to violate the traffic laws of the State of Mississippi and must be adhered to while the vehicle is being operated on public roadways; failure to do so may result in the operator being issued a Uniform Traffic Citation. The City of D’Iberville reserves the right to revoke any permit for any violation of the city ordinance, and any golf cart or low-speed vehicle found to be operating on a public roadway without a valid decal could be subject to a citation for violation of this ordinance.

Registration Fee

Before being used legally on approved city streets, golf carts must be inspected by the police department. Applications and information packets are  available at the police department for the permit process,$100.00 registration fee before an officer does an onsite inspection of your golf cart. The option for online registration coming soon!

Contact the Police Department 228-396-4252 or Email Captain  Michael Knapp for more information.

Required Equipment for Operation

of the Golf Cart or Low-Speed Vehicle

  • Headlamps
  • Tail Lamps
  • Stop Lamps
  • Front and Rear Turn signals
  • Operational horn
  • Red Reflectors (one per side, one on the rear of the vehicle)
  • Parking Brake
  • Windshield (provides eye protection for the front seat passengers with an unobscured view)
  • Seatbelts for all seating positions
  • Unobstructed Rear View visibility
  • Mirrors (drivers side exterior and/or exterior passenger, interior rear view)
  • Vehicle Identification Number-VIN (provided by the manufacturer, generated by the Mississippi Tax Commission)

Golf Cart

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I drive my registered golf cart on all roads or streets posted 25MHP or less? No. There is a list of streets and roads that are posted 25MHP or less in the ordinance that are prohibited from Golf Carts.  
  • Can I register a utv? –  No. You cannot register an utv. The city only allows “golf carts” to be registered.  – Honda Pioneer, Polaris RZR, can am maverick, arctic cat, big horn, bob cat, john deer gator, Kawasaki mule, Yamaha rhino are not allowed to be registered.
  • How much does it cost to register my cart? – The fee to register a golf cart is $100 a year. This yearly registration expires January 1st and will need to be renewed year.
  • Can children drive golf carts? – No. Children are not allowed to drive golf carts on city streets. You must have a valid driver’s license/drivers permit to operate golf carts on public property.
  • I live in the North part of town can I drive my golf cart to the south area of town (i.e. Racetrack Road)? – No. Cannot travel on a prohibited roads or streets, may need to trailer the golf cart to approved area.

Permissible Operation

  • Golf carts and/or low-speed vehicles may be operated on city streets and roads where the posted speed limit does not exceed twenty-five (25) MPH, streets and roads that are not allowed for travel are named in this ordinance.
  • Any person operating a golf cart or low-speed vehicle on the public roads and streets must have in his or her possession a valid driver’s license or temporary driver’s permit and proof of financial responsibility as required under Section 63-15-1 et seq., Mississippi Code of 1972.
  • Golf carts and low speed vehicles may not be operated on interstate highways or state highways.
  • Drivers of golf carts and/or low-speed vehicles are not allowed on multi-lane streets and roads, and may only cross multilane roads at locations where the intersecting roads are controlled by a multi-way stop or traffic signal.
  • Operation of golf carts and/or low-speed vehicles is subject to all other applicable laws of the State of Mississippi and D’Iberville related to traffic and parking, along with corresponding penalties, not specifically addressed herein.
  • Drivers of golf carts and/or low-speed vehicles are not allowed on streets and roads that are designated as prohibited in this ordinance; unless to cross from one approved street or road to another approved street or road within a distance of 250 feet between the two approved streets or roads.
  • The D’Iberville Police Department shall monitor the permissible operations and regulations of all low-speed vehicles.
  • City Streets and Roads Prohibited for golf carts and/or low-speed vehicles:
    • Auto Mall Pkwy
    • Lamey Bridge Road
    • Big Ridge Road
    • Lemoyne Blvd
    • Boney Ave.
    • Lickskillet Road
    • Bobby Eleuterius Blvd
    • Mandal Pkwy
    • Brodie Road
    • Mallett Road
    • Central Avenue*
    • Old Hwy 67
    • Cinema Drive
    • Popps Ferry Road
    • D’Iberville Blvd
    • Promenade Pkwy
    • Gorenflo Road*
    • Rodriguez Street
    • Johnson Still Road
    • Sangani Blvd
    • Lamey Street
    • Suzanne Drive
* It is permissible to utilize a golf cart/low speed vehicles on the segment of Central Ave from the intersection of Race Track Rd south and on Gorenflo Ave from the intersection of Rodriguez Street south to Race Track Rd. (See Attached City Map of Prohibited Roadways for Use of Low-Speed Vehicles and Golf Carts)

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