Public Hearings & Agenda Procedures, Guidelines and Applications



Applications that go before the Planning Commission and City Council are:


Zoning Changes

Variance Request

Conditional Use

Subdivision (Sketch Plat, Preliminary Plat and Final Plat)
SmartCode Warrant
SmartCode Variance


Application that goes before Planning Commission only:


Planning Commission Review


Application that goes before The Development Review Committee (DRC) only:


SmartCode Submittal  Use By Right


Planning Commission Procedures:

  • All applications that need to go before the Planning Commission are to be submitted to the Planning Department with the required items stated on the application and with the proper application fee to be paid at the time of submittal.


  • Each application will need to be signed by the applicant and property owner


  • The deadline date to submit an application is the third Wednesday of the month to qualify to be on the next months agenda

The purpose for the deadline date is to prepare each application to make packages for all members of the Planning Commission and City staff, which is delivered at the following weeks Planning Commission Public Hearing. This gives, all commissioners and staff, a two week period to review each application and the staff to prepare letters that have to be sent to all surrounding property owners and legal notices to the newspapers. The letters and legal notices need to be mailed and posted no less than 15 days prior to the next public hearing.

  • All applications except for Planning Commission Review will be forwarded to the City Council with a recommendation from the Planning Commission in the form of a resolution at the 2nd City Council meeting of the month following the Planning Commission Public Hearing. The commission meets the second and fourth Tuesday of every month at 6 p.m.. Meetings are located on the first floor in the Council Chambers of City Hall, 10383 Automall Parkway. Please select Planning Commission Agenda to review the next cases being heard before the commission.


  • Once an application is approved by City Council the applicant may move forward to the next step of the requirement of the Zoning Ordinance:
  • Applicants or developers that have applied for procedures under the Subdivision Regulations will need to follow Section 301, sub-sections 1 – 6 for Sketch Plat approval. Once sketch plat is approved by City Council the applicant or developer will need to apply for Preliminary Plat approval under Section 302, sub-sections 1-13. Once preliminary plat is approved by City Council, the applicant or developer can start construction of the subdivision. When the construction is complete the applicant or developer will need to submit a Final Plat. It shall be the duty of the City Engineer to be certain that all conditions set forth on the Preliminary plat have been satisfied. The Final Plat will be submitted to the City Council for approval. When approved all copies of the plat will need to be endorsed with the appropriate signatures and returned to the applicant or developer to be recorded at the Chancery Clerks office of the Harrison County Courthouse. Once the plat is recorded, the correct amount of copies should be returned to the Planning Dept. at City Hall to be filed and then building permits can be applied for.