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Name Title Department Phone
Al Gombos Director Municipal Operations and Projects 228-273-3332
Bobby Simmons Public Works Director Public Works 228-392-9734
Bobby Weaver City Manager City Administration 228-273-3344
Carol Reece Utility Billing Supervisor Utility Billing 228-392-2310
Carrie Taranto-Chipley Ward 2 City Councilwoman City Council 228-547-8626
Cassi Thompson Director Planning and Zoning 228-273-3328
Charlene Rowell Fire Inspector Fire Department 228-392-3525
Christy Burns Administrative Assistant Building Department 228-273-3391
Cilya Boney Administrative Assistant Parks and Recreation 228-273-3343
Craig “Boots” Diaz Ward 3 City Councilman City Council 228-297-9453
Danny Miller Deputy Chief Fire Department 228-392-3525
David P. Sullivan, Esq. Judge Municipal Court 228-392-7966
Donald Dorcik Facility Maintenance Parks and Recreation 228-860-2097
Duon Ladner Training Chief Fire Department 228-392-3525
Fran Hall Accounts Payable City Administration 228-273-3334
Gerald Burdine Ward 4 City Councilman City Council 228-326-2775
Gerald Smith Chief Fire Department 228-392-3525
Hilliard Fountain Building Director Building Department 228-273-3395
Jena Collier Utility Clerk Utility Billing 228-392-2310
Jodi Weise City Clerk City Administration 228-273-3331
Joey Bosarge Councilman-At-Large City Council 228-365-7108
Jordan Barnett Utility Clerk Utility Billing 228-273-3323
Karen Kulp Collection Clerk Municipal Court 228-392-9726
Matt Toncrey Superintendent Parks and Recreation 228-697-5592
Melissa York Assistant Court Clerk Municipal Court 228-273-3325
Michael York Building Inspector Building Department 228-273-3392
Monica Puzz Director Human Resources 228-273-3327
Patti Jackson Court Clerk Municipal Court 228-273-3330
Randall Pelous Ward 1 City Councilman City Council 228-297-0311
Rusty Quave Mayor Mayor 228-297-1381
Shana Dellenger Utility Clerk Utility Billing 228-273-3322
Shannon Nobles Chief Police Department 228-396-4252
Sharron Perkins Assistant City Manager City Administration 228-273-3333
Skylar Broadhead Clerk/Grants Administrator City Administration 228-273-3326
Tammy Smith Code Enforcement Officer Building Department 228-273-3345
Tanya Burgess Administrative Assistant Public Works 228-392-9734
Thomas Burrows Water and Sewer Superintendent Public Works 228-273-3374
Troy Saucier Director Parks and Recreation 228-860-4574
Vicki Watkins CRS Coordinator Building Department 228-273-3324
Wendy Fayard Administrative Assistant City Administration 228-273-3344

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