Transportation is the key element that ties D’Iberville to the remainder of the world; however, transportation encompasses more than streets and automobiles.  Pedestrians and bicyclists are also an important consideration given the efforts of the City to promote a new urbanism form of development.

D’Iberville Road_Street Classifications 2003




The City is working to build capacity and reduce congestion in the four quadrants of the 1-10 & 110 Corridors and has recommended modifications to the interstate system via a series of half diamonds, capacity and distributor roads and geometric improvements to enable access and reduce congestion on and off the interstate.  The US Department of Transportation has approved MDOT’s Interstate Access/Modification Request setting the stage for a wide range of local and state roadway improvements over the next ten years.



The Gulf Regional Planning Commission, created in 1964, is the only regional planning commission authorized by HB 393, Mississippi Code Title 17, Planning and Zoning.  Forty-five years later GRPC continues to serve as a general planning organization to the fourteen local and county governing bodies within the counties of Hancock, Harrison and Jackson.