Water and Sewer

Helpful Tips:

1. Keep your water heater working at it’s best. FLUSH OUT YOUR TANK EVERY 6 TO 12 MONTHS.

2. Your septic system works best when your keep out the rest! DO NOT FLUSH WIPES, DIAPERS, OR FEMININE PRODUCTS DOWN THE TOILET.

Thomas Burrows

Superintendent City of D’IbervilleWater and Sewer
Work Phone: 228-392-9734
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Welcome to the Water and Sewer Department

The Water and Sewer Division is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the water distribution and sewer collection systems for the City. The City installs and maintains water meters, fire hydrants and maintains the sanitary and storm sewer systems.

The staff for the water and Sewer Division are responsible for meter reading, water line and sewer service inspections, water meter setting, final meter reading, pump station maintenance, field spotting of underground water, sewer and street lines, sanitary sewer cleaning, catch basin cleaning, fire hydrant maintenance including installation, flushing and repairs as well as response to emergency situations, such as water line breaks or sewer back-ups.

To establish new service, make utility payments or general billing inquiries contact the Water and Sewer Department at 228-392-2310 OR 228-392-7966. You may also email the Billing Supervisor at creece@diberville.ms.us.
Download Water and Sewer Application and Contract

Once you fill out the form, it can be emailed back to Carol Reece at creece@diberville.ms.us. Please call 228-273-3337 with any questions.

After hours emergency contact for water and sewer issues 228-392-2310